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Baby & Me is a parent/child class that teaches, promotes, & develops the foundational skills of water safety. There are 2 levels in our Baby & Me classes that focus on water survival skills.

  • Class Size: Max 7 babies with one parent or caregiver per child
  • Class Duration: 30 minutes
  • Pricing & Fee: Click to see
The program objectives are :


  • Listening
  • Following directions
  • Waiting for their turns
  • Work in a group


  • Separating from parents
  • Building a relationship with a new adult
  • Making new friends (social interaction)


  • Breath control
  • Back floating
  • Front glides
  • Back-to-front rollovers
  • Propulsive kicking
  • Face in, kicking, with rhythmic bubbles
  • Safe pool entry and exit

* All children under 4, regardless of level of potty training, must wear two reusable, cloth, snug fitting swim diapers. These are available for purchase at the front desk.


The Baby & Me 1 class is a great way to introduce littles ones to the water! Our focus for this level is water safety, floating, and basic swimming skills. Baby & Me classes are a fun and interactive way for us to teach parents how to teach their babies to build confidence in the water. A few swimming objectives for this level are:

  • Water acclimation by practicing bubbles and submersions.
  • Front to back roll.
  • Back floats
  • Jumping and swimming to safety
  • Swimming and kicking 5 feet independently.

Our baby & Me 2 class is designed to build on the skills that were taught in our Baby & Me 1 class. Our goal for this level is to have our swimmers start being able to swim more independently and prepare swimmers to age out into our pre school classes. A few swimming objectives for this level are:

  • Water submersions and bobs
  • Independent front float
  • Independent back float
  • Front and back glides with kicks
  • Swimming and kicking for 15 feet